Indigenous Landscape Design Australia

Selected plants indigenous to the Sydney and Hunter regions

Indigenous Landscape Design Australia have conducted extensive research of the 2,000+ plant species indigenous to the greater Sydney region. Over 550 species have been selected, for their aesthetic, environmental and practical benefits.

We have created an interactive database that provides 39 descriptive fields for each individual species, including fields for species that attract birds and other wildlife, drought tolerant, fire retardant and screening species, and alternatives to conventional lawns.

For extracts from our database, click on  Flora for FaunaDrought tolerant Fire retardant Screening,  Palms

New information on  Lawns and lawn alternatives,  Hybrids and cultivated varieties,  Exotics  that may deserve a place in your garden

Weeds marketed as ornamentals by some nurseries and garden centres

Trees native to the Sydney region plus selected non-native trees