Indigenous Landscape Design Australia

Indigenous Landscape Design Australia
The art of eco-friendly gardens
In Memory of Gordon Rowland

Secrets of the World's Great Gardens

How to apply them in your own garden

Learn More:

  • A garden of timeless style and enduring beauty
  • A sustainable garden in harmony with the natural environment
  • A healthy garden that thrives without harmful chemicals.
  • A refuge for native songbirds, frogs and other wildlife.
  • A water-wise garden that's easy to maintain and saves you time and money.

You'll also learn how to:

  • create a shortlist of the best plants for your garden.
  • choose between turf, lawn seed and ground cover alternatives.
  • recognise fake natives, and why vested interests promote them.
  • find an eco-aware garden designer or landscape contractor.

You won't find this information in gardening magazines or TV garden makeover shows.

If you live within the Sydney or Hunter regions of coastal New South Wales, the plant species lists – for bushfire protection, drought tolerance, fence screening, wildlife and more – will save you countless hours of research. We've done the research for you.

And are you aware of the large overlap between the 2,000+ plant species that occur naturally in Sydney region, and the 3,000+ plant species that occur naturally in the Hunter region – unrestrained by the dwindling Great Dividing Range?

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